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Computer Services in Dover

Used PC’s and Repairs

No matter what the problem is with your PC, Pharos Computers can sort it out and a reasonable price.

We try our hardest to keep things simple and avoid any technical Jargon!

  • Virus Removal
  • Keyboard replacement
  • Start up problems resolved
  • Overheating problems repaired
  • Slow running machines speeded up
  • Hard Drive Replacements
  • RAM Upgrades

“We had an old server that completely failed. We sent it to several places to get fixed but each place we sent it to could not fix it. We then heard good things about Pharos Computers in Dover. Within a couple of hours they had bought the server back to life and it is still going strong today! Highly recommend these guys” C B

Insurance Estimates
We can offer a detailed diagnosis and quotation for insurance purpouses. If we complete the work this is free, if not there is a small charge.

Running Slow?
This is the most common issue we deal with and is a natural thing that happens to a computer over time, its caused by software effectively clogging up your machine.

Over time as things are added to the machine there are often unnecessary programs added to your machine, sometimes without your knowledge and these use up your processing power in the background. We can get rid of anything not needed and tune up your machine to run much faster.

Virus Removal
We are seeing more and more virus’s and other malisious programs, often on machines with upto date virus protection. Many of these are designed to get you to part with your money or your credit card details. We suggest if you get anything suspicious asking for your card details or any personal details and you are unable to deal with it yourself you turn the machine off immediately and bring it to us or call us.

Anti Virus Software
Pharos computers recommend 2 levels of Virus Protection
Free Software – AVG Free Virus Protection – A basic protection which is free for life.

Paid For Software – Bullguard, a Premium quality complete protection service. Normal RRP of Bullguard is £49.99 but as we are an approved stockist we are able to offer our customers a much reduced price, please ask for details.